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We are always our own answers

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable. – Helen Keller

What’s your definition of strength?

I know for me personally, it’s something I’ve been redefining lately.

In the past, my definition has included the ability to overcome any perceived obstacles, taking care of those I love to the very best of my ability, working hard and…

Overcoming my past.

Do you hear the resistance there?

There was a lot of it.

I started a process of personal growth many years ago and began replacing these old beliefs with new beliefs of success and abundance. I met obstacles with a “never give up” approach.

All of these things served me and allowed steps forward, but what was also happening was that I was compartmentalizing and simply shutting off my emotions, at times.

For a long time, I defined this as “strength”; the knowing that I could move through any situation or problem after overcoming a lifetime of downward spirals. I noticed something else though…all of these feelings and beliefs that I was “getting rid of” kept circling back around. Each time, they came back bigger and darker, so I would use more and more “hustle” to overcome, until eventually I’d find myself in crisis.

It’s one of the hardest pills to swallow in life – the truth that it’s only really through crisis that we are able to learn the most important key to living a fulfilled and abundant life… “giving in” to resistance.

This has been a tough one for me to get. We build false perceptions of what it is to have strength and then we build walls. I know for me, personally, the biggest lesson has been this…

Giving in to yourself and giving up are two different things.

When we fight resistance we ARE giving up. When we give in and meet resistance, when we step into it and fill that space with love and possibility and intention – it leaves us a lesson and passes on.

Giving in to yourself is about finally accepting and loving the darkest corners of your mind; those dark spaces we want to run from. We want to turn away. As we resist – it gets darker and darker. Until finally crisis rears its ugly head.

We’ve all experienced this.

The workouts we skip or poor food choices we make – until we find ourselves ill.

The emotions we turn away from or even run from – until we find ourselves in a perpetual state of unhappiness.

The passions we procrastinate on – until we find ourselves in the middle of an unbearably mundane life.

Resistance comes up for all of us to be overcome, not to be overcome by it.

So how do we give in to resistance – to truly surrender? Here are 3 ways that help me see how to integrate this process daily.


I’ve recently fallen in love with journaling again. I’ve fallen in love again with going within. Through this, I’ve remembered that everything I long for, from the world and from my experience, is inside of me. We are always our own answers.

Exploring the science behind meditation

I’ve become very interested in the science behind the heart-brain connection that happens during meditation. Creating this connection is important for facing the world from our hearts, rather than our brains.

When we are connected in this way, we move into resistance like a peaceful warrior-ess, with trust, love, and grace instead of overanalyzing, ego-driven hustle and fear.

Check out Gaia’s, Missing Links if you’re interested in learning more about creating and maintaining the heart-brain connection.

Ground in

Get dirty, daily! In a fast-paced, ever-connected world, it can be easy to lose sight of the way the earth supports us. Stand in the fact that you are a powerful co-creator. Take a few breaths and realize that you are never alone. The ground supports you as you give in to your deepest discomforts. The earth is there to support you as you give these discomforts your warmest love and acceptance.

As human beings, we are professionals at resistance, and I truly believe one of our greatest lessons may be learning to lean into it. The by-product is learning to live with grace and hustle.

The balance.

If you’ve found yourself resisting resistance, I’d love to hear more of your experience. Leave a comment below!

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  1. Tamara V says:

    I totally resonated with these words! I recently came back to the knowledge that we indeed are our own answers. It’s funny how easily that simple fact can be lost from us. Getting still and being with nature brings me back home every time. Resistance is the opposite of flow. We must bend with the wind so we don’t break.

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