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A timely look at holistic leadership

A time for holistic leadership? I think so.

We’re living in some lop-sided times. On one side, in many parts of the world, we have more of opportunity than ever to truly begin hustling in every area of our lives. To create balance, awareness, action, abundance with everything we do. To fully step into our power and brilliance.

And then on the other side, it seems at times, we are taking leaps backward. Leaps that have not only been taken before but that we have fallen in, miserably, in ways that have disgraced all of humanity. How is it that we can ever, not see the lessons learned of disconnection, of ignorance, of a complete lack of love for other humans?

These are lessons we are calling in.

Clarity through contrast, it seems we’re seeking.

But do they have to be so contrasty?

I believe we get to make that choice.

It all starts in our own backyard. What we do with our lives, in each and every moment.

As women, it’s more important than ever to commit daily to calling “all” into our lives instead of “and/or”.


Because as women, we have a unique and inherent gift to share this notion with the world. Think about it. We play every role, every day. Our beings pour out “all”. We are daughters, sisters, mothers, friends, partners, lovers, professionals, healers, artists, creators. We’ve spent centuries striving to show up in every area with grace, dedication, and beauty and also with the perception that we are somehow less than if we don’t. Our lesson IS balance within our “all-ness”

The global choices we have in front of us require us all to be “both/all” rather than “and/or”.

Rather than silently craving more wholeness as we continue to be inundated with noise, new technology, and chaos in social and human dynamics…

We must be the wholeness.

With all of our intention, awareness, and action, it’s time to shift the paradigm.

One of the first shifts required is in traditional concepts of leadership. While our outdated paradigm is filled with extremely positive but mostly masculine-driven energies and traits like Reason, Focus, Power, imbalance in any one of these can create dysfunction and impact ourselves and others in negative ways. It is the acceptance and integration of their feminine energetic counterparts that leads to inner balance and more impact within our outer journeys.

Awareness is key.

For balance to happen we have to be able to see both poles in life, and in every situation.

Strengths and weaknesses, light and dark, yin and yang, our inner and outer journeys.

When we see each part we get to pinpoint where we’d like to show up.

This is where and conscious holistic leadership begin.

It’s really about finding flow and operating from that space in every moment.

Here are 4 highly effective qualities of leadership and their equally transformational counterparts. Our ability to explore, know and integrate both is key to the leadership our society is yearning for.

Power & Surrender

The old paradigms of leadership put loads of focus on power from a stance of control. Authentic & sustainable power means daily surrender. Being able to not only express your leadership but to also listen from a place of understanding and compassion in the knowing that every interaction we have, is made for us, along with every other soul on this planet. The ability to empty our cups daily and lead allows us to transform a “Power over” mentality into “Power with”.

Wisdom & Receptivity

There is a grounding in Wisdom that is magical. True leaders share their wisdom generously, knowing that experience rather than knowledge is massively beneficial in helping others take leaps forward in their goals and our journeys. When we spend too much time thinking about giving though we can miss out on our own opportunities to move forward. There is wisdom from others, even perceived followers, as well as a collective energy, we have the ability to tap into – always. Knowing both, wisdom and receptivity, allows us to operate from a place bigger than ourselves, with knowledge and experience beyond our own thinking.

Logic & Intuition

Logic and Reason will take you far in life. Logical thinkers follow through on every step of a plan. Reasonable doers have an understanding in the forming of habits and consistency in action. However, when we are too reasonable and too logical we can miss out on the key areas to make maximum impact with others. Our work can be perceived as lacking feeling and passion. Our service to others can feel like it’s missed the mark.

This is where the counterpart of intuition can be integrated for balance, soul, and purpose. When faced with challenges in life or with others, feel INTO it rather than trying to THINK your way through it. The key is to feel your way forward, in control and acceptance of your emotions rather than your emotions controlling you.

Authenticity & Vulnerability

To really be authentic requires vulnerability. Being authentic is about being real, not trying to be someone else or being lead by fear. However, when we resist fear so much that we shut out our emotions, we also shut off connections with others and ourselves. Being too vulnerable, on the other hand; oversharing, being lead by your emotions can do the same. Finding the balance between these two energies means feeling and expressing your emotions and moving forward in a way that is true to you.

“Leadership is the ability to capacity to translate vision into reality.”
-Warren Bennis

Cultivating a “both/all” mentality is instant access to expanding our capacity in all areas of your life. If you’re serious about holistic living and leadership, the first step is committing to dropping the limited thinking of “and/or”.

Be it all.

Drop me a comment below to share your perspectives on these qualities and how they show up for you!

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