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3 reasons to find your tribe (from a socially awkward introvert)

I’ve always been incredibly socially awkward. As a highly-sensitive person, the constant flow of energy from others and the filtering of it all can make it difficult at times to be completely present. I grew up learning how to isolate, hide and numb when this all became too much. As my path continued, I also learned how to get what I want in life by “figuring it out”, on my own.

But in this last year, I’ve learned a massive personal lesson and a timely one at that, as this is such an important awareness as we move collectively from an age driven by conflict and competition into one driven by collaboration and synergy. (DEAR INTROVERTS: THIS HAPPENING WITH OR WITHOUT YOU.)

While self – reliance is a trait that will get you MANY things in life…it doesn’t mean it’s optimal for your quality of life if it’s the primary trait you’re operating from.

As I type this I’m headed to the airport after a week in London with an amazing group of 260+ like-minded people. As a marketer, trainer and speaker this has been a big part of my life over the last 12 years.

However, the last year, has been about intense personal discovery and healing. In this, even knowing the power of the collective, I retreated, I isolated and at moments even lost sight of the momentum that is SO accessible when we get intentional about who we surround ourselves with.

We are who we hang around.

We like to think we’re special or maybe that our accomplishments will mean more if we’ve gone at them alone. But the truth is, or ability to be our best selves and the fulfillment comes from tapping into a village.

There are seasons for everything in life…

We absolutely must be able to truly stand in who we are to experience the abundance of connection with others. Sometimes the path is to be alone, to be quiet and to listen…

We’re pushed to go within to gain a deeper understanding of who we are and what we have to give.

These truths aren’t to hold onto though…

To get the full experience, they must be shared.

In the last week, I watched people show up, painfully, outside of their comfort zones, do it within the community and come out better on the other end.

The superpowers of community

Pushing your edges
We are powerful creators and even more powerful together. When we go at it alone, it’s easy to give in to the little voice that justifies why it’s ok to play small. Getting around a tribe of people who want what you want and believe what you believe opens up your perception of what’s possible. There is such valuable perspective in what others see as possible for us.

The magic of collective consciousness
Thoughts are a creative and brilliant energy. Have you ever experienced that moment where you see that you just gone an insightful and genius tangent on a topic you have no idea how you have any ideas about? This is collective consciousness. Work with it.

Not one of us has all of the answers yet they’re all available in this unseen energy as well as when you surround yourself with the right people.

Ideas, ideas, ideas
We all approach life through a different set of lenses and solutions and there is SO much value in that. When we are able to come outside of own perceptions and tap into the views of others, ideas are endless.

Allowing ourselves to really be seen by others can be uncomfortable AND a big responsibility, but so worth it. We are more together.

Until next time, go forth and collaborate;)

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